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Valhalla Paintball Brisbane

15 Cummings Rd, Calvert QLD 4340

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0408 095 002

7am to 7pm


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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be?

The minimum age to play paintball in Queensland is 15 years. Players 15 - 17 years must get an adult to sign their waiver form.

How many players do we need?

To create a new paintball session you will need at least 6 players. There is no minimum number of players to join an existing public session.

Can we have a private session?

Yes you can have a private session, you will require at least 14 players on the standard package or equivalent.

How many players can we bring?

We can cater up to 60 players in a session, if you have more than 20 players please contact us to arrange the booking.

How many paintballs will we need?

The average usage is between 50-150 paintballs per 5 minutes. You will play up to 60 minutes of game time.

Can we just turn up and play?

Although we try to cater to last minute bookings, we require at least 24 hours to arrange staff and equipment.

When should we book in?

We recommend you book at least 3 days in advance. For larger groups we recommend you book at least 3 weeks in advance.

What should we wear?

If you want to hire overalls, we suggest lightweight clothing and an old pair of runners. Bring a towell to wipe down afterwards.

Can we bring our own water bottles?

Yes you can, however please be aware we do not have tap water on site. We sell cold bottled water and sports drink. Stay hydrated!

Can we drink alcohol or take drugs?

Strictly NO alcohol or drugs are permitted at any time. Anyone under the influence will be asked to leave immediately!

What happends if it rains or if it's hot?

Sessions may be postponed due to extreme weather one (1) hour prior to session start time. Extreme weather is considered to be:
severe thunderstorms, 60+ km/h winds or 38+ degree heat.

What happens if players don't show?

They will lose their deposit. 72 hours notice is required postpone a session or to refund deposits (5% processing fee applies)!
At least 6 people must play for a session to go ahead.