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Game Titles

Game Descriptions

01. King of the Hill

The objective is to take and hold the centre objective, the longer you survive the more points you get for your team. This is a multiple life game on a divided field.

02. Bang the Drum

Rush the bridge to get to the very exposed objective drum! Be warned the other team is trying to do the same thing and there is no mercy! THis is a multiple life game.

03. Hold the line

One team defends the firebase, they have one life and must hold the line for as long as possible! The other team have multiple lives and keep attacking until there is no one left.

04. Zombie Apocalypse

20% of the group start as Alpha zombies and are immortal for the first part of the game. When a survivor is tagged the respawn as a Beta zombie. The game is played until the lat survivor is elimated.

05. Fast and Furious

Played on an undivided field this is a team death match game. The game is played until one team is completely wiped out or until time runs out, in which case the team with the most players left wins.

06. Domination

Played on an undivided field with limited lives. When a player is eliminated the first time they respawn and join the other team. If they get eliminated again they're out for the rest of the game

07. Bunker Assault

Both teams start with multiple lives. The attacking team must use team work to get a bomb to each of the the bunkers to neutralise them. When the bunkers are neutralised the defenders have only one life.

08. Danger Close

The average usage is 700 paintballs. Most people will shoot between 50-150 paintballs per game. There are usually between 5-9 games in a session

09. Capture the Flag

This game is played on a large undivided field with multiple live. Players must fight their way to the other team's base, capture their flag and return it to their home base. If a player is eliminated they receive a time penalty before the respawn.

10. Hunger Games

Teams of two players are given two minutes to find a starting location, and then the games begin. If one player is eliminated they can be healed by their teammate. If both players are eliminated they're out of the game. May the odds be ever in your favour!

11. Common Foe

The group is divided into 3 equal teams, 1 team sits out whilst the other teams battle. When the amount of players elimanted is equal to the team sitting out the first 2 teams join forces to take on the fresh team.

12. Shenanigans

The final game in a session is Immortals (when you get shot, you don't go out you, shoot them back)! There are also bonus games like Standoff, Hail Storm and a crowd favorite Paintball Tennis!