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Take and Hold

All you need to do is get to the central objective and survive for as long as possible to accumulate points for your team. This is a multiple life game played on a divided field.

Bang the Drum

How many times can you rush the bridge to get to the very exposed objective, just be warned the other team is trying to do the same thing and there is no mercy! This is a multiple life game.

Attack and Defend

One team takes position at the firebase; they have one life and have to defend for as long as they can. The other team have multiple lives and keep attacking until there is no one left to attack.


20% of the group start as Alpha zombies and are immortal for the first part of the game, when a survivor is eliminated they respawn as a Beta zombie. The game is played until the last survivor is eliminated!

Team Death Match

Played on an undivided field, the game is played until one team is completely eliminated or until time runs out, in which case the team with the most survivors wins.

Hold the Line

For the first half of the game, it is a divided field and players have multiple lives. For the second half of the game, it is an undivided field and players have one life only. Whoever controls the middle of the field usually wins.


Played on an undivided field with limited lives. When a player gets eliminated for the first time, they respawn and join the other team. If they get eliminated again they're out for the rest of the game.

Bunker Assault

Both teams have multiple lives. The attacking team must get a bomb to each of the towers to neutralise them. The best way for the defenders to stop this from happening is overwhelming firepower!

Danger Close

The ambushing team has one life and sets up on either side of the track. The other team has multiple lives but very little cover to hide behind. The ambushing team wins if they can stop the other team from getting across the field before the time runs out.

Capture the Flag

This game is played on a large undivided field with multiple live. Players must fight their way to the other team's base, capture their flag and return it to your base. If a player is eliminated they receive a time penalty before the respawn.

Hunger Games

Teams of two players are given two minutes to find a starting location, and then the games begin. If one player is eliminated they can be healed by their teammate. If both players are eliminated they're out of the game. May the odds be ever in your favour!


Played on a divided field, but there's no mercy on the centre line, only an idiot would try to get to the middle. Especially when you get shot you don't go out, you shoot them back! And when you shoot someone, you keep shooting them.

Hail Storm

Ever been caught out in the open in a hail storm? If one or two willing volunteers are brave enough to stand down one end, the rest of the group line up 40m away and unleash hell. If the volunteers survive 10 seconds the rest of the group then plays stand off!

Mexican Standoff

We offer a couple of variants of this game, it can be played with 2 or more people that stand off between 5m and 20m apart. They can take it in turns to shoot each other or just unload until they realise it really is a stupid game! Though it is lots of fun to watch!

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