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  • $120 per year
  • Includes PB1 letter
  • 20% off entry fee, gear hire & paintballs
  • (scenario & club days only)
  • Mates Rates
  • 10% off recball packages for member
  • 5% off recball packages for mates
  • Conditions apply*
  • Birthday Month
  • Bring 5+ mates on standard package,
  • member gets standard package free
  • Private session*

Terms & Conditions

• Recball or Recreational Paintball prices are listed on the prices page
• Recreational groups will always have right of way when it comes to field usage
• When playing recball, member byo markers must be set no higher than 10.5bps capped semi
• Members will only be allowed to join a public session if there are at least 14 players on the standard package or above
• Private session availablity will depend on how many recreational groups are booked in, else see above
• Management reserves the right to change these conditions at anytime without notice